Arsenal Training Building

The party has found themselves stuck in a building surrounded by Super Mutants. Now they have to devise a way to survive.



  • Several desks with computer terminals.
  • Filling cabinets with different clerical documents.
  • Security camera system

Storage & Supplies:

  • Various cleaning supplies (Abraxo Cleaner, Mops, Brooms, rags)


  • Long hall decorated with different cases showing military memorabilia.
  • Many cases are broken into, and any weapons seem missing.
  • Large double doors at the east end of the building. They are somewhat in disrepair.

Classroom 1:

  • Large break in the wall. This is where the party entered.
  • 4 rows of two heavy desks.
  • Number of broken chairs.
  • Whiteboard with a few dead markers.

Classroom 2:

  • Series of personal desks with computer terminals.
  • Most terminals are broken, aside from one that may work with a little TLC.
  • The room is barricaded and difficult to get into.

Classroom 3:

  • A sort of smaller work out room.
  • Fitness equipment spread throughout.
  • Terminals hooked up to a series of machines.


Hallway & Waiting Area:

  • Hallway similar to the one downstairs.
  • An open seating area with beat up padded furniture.

Classroom 1:

  • A small study area.
  • Bookshelves and round study tables.
  • A small refrigerator and sink.

Classroom 2:

  • This room is locked.

Classroom 3:

  • Seems like a small room for tests.
  • Individual desks scatter the room.
  • The board has some military terms written on it.
  • A terminal

Weapon & Technology Training:

  • Series of desks with broken chairs. Tools are scattered about and in drawers.
  • Some light and medium weaponry to be found.
  • At one end of the room is a Protectron station, which the party has already set loose.

Arsenal Training Building

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