The Cypher System simplifies combat, which does somewhat go against the feel of a Fallout game. However, Monte has cooked up (pun intended) the concept of Cyphers, which are essentially magical/technological items that grant bonuses. Below you will find basic stats for weaponry, and as we go along, I’ll be “modding” weapons to give a little more variety.

Light Weapons
Types: .44 pistol, pipe bolt-action, 10mm pistol, switchblade, knife, brass knuckles

Damage: 2 Hit DC: -1 step

Medium Weapons
Types: laser pistol, sawed-off shotgun, pump-action rifle, tire iron, smaller sword

Damage: 4 Hit DC: N/A

Heavy Weapons
Types: shotgun, assault rifle, combat rifle, sub-machine gun, mini-gun, baseball bat, larger swords

Damage: 6 Must Use Two Hands

Explosive Weapons

All explosive weapons affect people within an immediate range. Must make separate attacks for each person affected. If they are not hit, they still take some damage.

Molotov Cocktail

Damage: 2 Missed dmg: 1 Must spend a round putting self out.

Frag Grenade

Damage: 4 Missed dmg: 2

Cryogenic Grenade

Damage: 2 Missed dmg: 1 Slowed speed/actions.


Fallout: Arsenal Muntjack