The Cypher System simplifies the game into three stats: Might, Speed, and Intellect.

Since this is a Fallout game, we will be making some minor modifications, incorporating the “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” stats. Each of the three major stats will correspond in some way to these.

Might is your character’s strength and constitution. It determines physical attacks, feats of pure muscle, resisting physical damage or poisons, or anything else dealing with the body. This stat corresponds to the SPECIAL stats Strength and Endurance.

Speed describes movement-based actions and feats of movement and reflexes. It determines a character’s ranged attacks and defenses, sneaking around, chase scenes, and deft movements. This stat corresponds to the SPECIAL stat Agility.

Intellect encompasses elements of non-physicality, such as intelligence, willpower, and social skills. It determines gaining social advantages, perception-based rolls, and other intellectual pursuits. This stat corresponds to the SPECIAL stats Perception, Chrisma, and Intelligence.

This, of course, leaves the SPECIAL stat Luck. I’m working on something for that. More on that later.


Fallout: Arsenal Muntjack