GM Intrusions and XP

What the heck are GM Intrusions?

GM Intrusions are a unique mechanic where the GM can interject a stressful situation into the action. The GM never rolls a single die in this game. GM Intrusions take the place of the GM rolling for an action. If something fitting should take place to make the players lives more complicated, then go for a GM Intrusion!

In return for getting screwed over a bit by the GM, the players earn Experience Points. When a GM introduces an Intrusion, the player can choose to take the complication and earn an experience point. However, if they want to, they can refuse the GM Intrusion and not just misses that one XP to earn, but they have to also give up an XP they have.

When you earn an XP from a GM Intrusion, you also get another XP to award to another player for a reason you think they would deserve it in that scene.

Other Ways to Earn XP

As you progress through the game, I’ll hand out XP for accomplishments, meeting goals, and good roleplaying.

Spending XP

1 XP:

  • Spend a single XP to reroll one time. You may take the best result.
  • You may also refuse a GM intrusion by spending one point.

2 XP:

  • Gain a skill or ability for an entire scene.

3 XP:

  • You may spend three points to permanently acquire a skill that makes sense in character.

4 XP:

  • Spend to mark off one of your character advancement boxes and take the specific benefit.

GM Intrusions and XP

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