Character Types

Similar to D&D, there are a number of classes, or Character Types, that players can choose from. Below I’ll list the possible types and the different concepts for your own characters.

Warrior (Cypher Pg 22)
Possible Characters: Soldier, Vault Security, Athlete, Brawler

Adept (Cypher Pg 29)
Possible Characters: Scientist, Occultist, Doctor, Psychic

Explorer (Cypher Pg 38)
Possible Characters: Reporter, Detective, Drifter, Scholar

Speaker (Cypher Pg 44)
Possible Characters: Charmer, Manipulator, Politician, Face Man

You may also take a Character Flavor to replace abilities from one of the Character Types with something from your chosen Flavor. Below are the list of Flavors.

Stealth (Cypher Pg 51)
For Characters Who: Want to sneak, infiltrate, or deceive.

Technology (Cypher Pg 53)
For Characters Who: Use, deal with, and build machines.

Magic (Cypher Pg 56)
For Characters Who: Want psychic of mutant abilities.

Combat (Cypher Pg 59)
For Characters Who: Desire to kill shit.

Skill & Knowledge (Cypher Pg 61)
For Characters Who: Care about knowledge and usefulness over flashiness and brute force.

Character Types

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