Fallout: Arsenal

Episode 4: An Explosive Encounter

The party finds themselves stuck inside the Arsenal Training Building. As Jobe Buchanan, Masa Lin, and Enzo “Little Boy” Lorenzo stare out the window at the Protectron fighting with the Super Mutants, Rick Foley, Ivy Monroe, and Hamelin search the room for things to defend themselves with. Confused by all she’s found, Ivy ends up accidentally shooting Rick in the chest with a laser rifle.

The tone of the room changed from amusement to horror as Rick fell, smoke rising from his mouth and chest. The party didn’t know what to do, so they tried their best to comfort Rick. Enzo rushed off to find something to help heal him, but he was forced back upstairs at the sound of four super mutants roaming around the first floor.

The party ready themselves for what is to come. Masa hides in the ceiling and plants his final frag grenade in the door. Hamelin and Ivy both try to hide, Hamelin more successfully. Enzo creates an explosive device out of some of the technology of the Protectron charging station. He moves over to Jobe and realizes that Rick has passed away. Not upset by this, Enzo crams the explosive into the open chest cavity of Rick. Working together, Jobe and Enzo drag Rick’s body across the hall and set it up to catch the attention of one of the super mutants.

Hearing voices, both Jobe and Enzo hide in two of the classrooms. Enzo breaks into one of the rooms and finds a strange electronic pod. Needing a place to hide, he hopped inside, and the machine closed him in and activated. Jobe, unsure where to go, hid behind the door of the same room.

A group of four super mutants and a mutant dog come up the stairs. The dog finds Rick’s body, and two super mutants go over, turn the body over, and trigger the detonator. The dog and one of the super mutants are blown to bits (along with Rick’s body), and the other that survived stumbled back into the door and the frag grenade, setting it off as well.

The remaining two super mutants engage the party, but some laser blasts, claws to the eyes, and a slice across the throat spell a quick end to the super mutants.

Masa ends up saving Enzo from the machine giving him an injection of the FEV formula. Hamelin stumbles into another classroom and finds a hidden stash of chems. And then there’s Jobe, who cooks up the bodies of the super mutants and the dog.

Ivy inspects a computer terminal and realizes that those that survived the nuclear blast did experiments on their own men to create super soldiers with the FEV formula. Unfortunately, the formula turned many of the soldiers into super mutants.

Enzo manages to hack into the security system and develop a way to scan cameras across Arsenal Island. He finds two possible ways out: the northwest bridge toward Davenport, Iowa and a small marina at the south end of the island.

Where will our heroes go next? Will they survive the onslaught of the brutal super mutants? Find out next time!



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