Fallout: Arsenal

Episode 3: Welcome to the Wasteland

Things don’t start out well for our heroes. As they crawl back out into the lowest level of Vault 45, they realize that there is a large group of soldiers and the head of the security, First Sergeant Aaron Matthews. He commands Jobe Buchanan and Rick Foley to do their job and arrest the strange ghoul Hamelin.

They both straight out refuse. As things escalate, Enzo, who got more than a little defiant, and Hamelin are put in cuffs. Rick begins to challenge Sergeant Matthews’s motives and bravery, which leads to a final threat to comply to his orders or else.

When things look like they couldn’t get any worse, Jobe decides to put his gun to Matthews’s head. Things get rather tense, and before too long, Jobe fires and drops the Sergeant with a bullet right through the brain.

The crowd panics, and some of the guards react by trying to subdue the crew. Ivy Monroe and Hamelin crawl back through the opening, and they can’t seem to find Masa Lin. As they escape, the other three end up fighting and killing the Vault-Tec Security. Once they do, they also go through the tunnel.

They end up back in the hallway leading to the room of nuclear missiles. Masa climbed back up the scaffolding where they had discovered Hamelin. He had a plan…not a great plan, but a plan none-the-less. He climbed up the nuclear warhead toward the small opening to The Wasteland. There he took one of his remaining frag grenades, tied some rope to the pin, and tried to pull it from a distance and break a way open.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and he actually pulled the whole grenade down and accidentally fell onto the scaffolding and was severely injured. Ivy and Hamelin rushed to help him.

Meanwhile, Rick, Jobe, and Enzo debated what to do as they could hear people trying to head down the hole they had uncovered. They decided to try and cover the opening somehow. Enzo rushed to the computer terminal, where he managed to hack into the Vault’s systems. Instead of just turning the terminal into an explosive, he actually managed to launch the nuke that Masa had once climbed.

Everyone freaked out and made a mad dash for the missile. The hatch above it had opened, and they had a short window to escape. Miraculously, they all get out of the Vault and watch, all exhausted, as the nuclear warhead soared off to supposedly target Beijing, China.

They found themselves in a barren landscape with a series of broken-down buildings. The quiet of the scene was soon broken as they heard voices and footsteps approaching. They started up and noticed massive, bulking humanoids with green skin. They start to run, but eventually they stop to fight. After a tough battle, the six manage to kill three of the green-skinned men.

The group manages to gather inside a somewhat standing building and head to the upper level. There they notice a group of these beasts gathering and checking each house.

What will our party do to survive? Find out next time!



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