Fallout: Arsenal

Episode #2: I Smell a Mole Rat...

Jobe Buchanan sneaks out of Masa Lin’s room, leaving things fairly as they were. When Masa returns, he does not notice anything out of the ordinary. He checks his messages and found one from Jimmie Fletcher, the head of supplies for Vault 45. They set up a meeting for later that day.

Meanwhile, Ivy Monroe is awakened by one of the other farmers. She finds that many of her pigs have been brutally slaughtered. The farmer sends for the Vault-Tec security, and it’s Jobe that is called in. They find a trail that leads back toward some of the technology in the lower level of the vault. There’s some sort of small opening between two sets of the machines.

They decide to take one of the pigs to the head doctor Michiko Lin. She’s confused and grossed out by this, and she says she’ll do what she can and that they should check back later. Ivy goes back home and finds that some of her finest dresses have been stolen and torn up.

When Jobe goes back home, he finds that his mother has fallen ill. He seems more annoyed by this than anything, and once she starts vomiting, he begrudgingly takes her to the doctor.

Masa and Jimmie meet up at his room, and Jimmie is tweaking badly and freaking out. The death of the pigs is falling on his head, and the Overseer Alanna Ford is ready to punish him harshly. He asks Masa for help, and he does so but wants frag grenades in exchange. Jimmie says he’ll get on that, leaves, and comes back with three of them. Masa tells Jimmie to stay put and that he’ll take care of everything. “Taking care of everything” means going back into his crawl space and tossing a grenade where he found the mole rat eyes.

Cue a giant explosion, and everyone freaking the hell out. Jobe drops off his mother and rushes to the 3rd level. Rick Foley shows up to investigate as well. There is a huge explosion near the machinery, and it reveals an opening. Masa and Ivy join them, and they eventually crawl through. What they find is a path leading to a massive steel door and a terminal. With a bit of quick work, they break the code and open the doorway into a massive warhead storage facility. They find several old nuclear bombs.

They also find mole rats. They fight one off and then discover someone or something in some scaffolding near one of the warheads. With a bit of quick climbing, Rick makes it up to the top to find a ghoul dressed in bright colors with a fife and surrounded by mole rats.

He introduces himself as Hamelin, and he says he once worked in this area. When things went south, he was forced to stay here. He’s lived out over fifty years in this area, where he rotted away into a ghoul. He befriended the mole rats to stay alive, and they have been scavenging food.

The party actually befriends him and convince him to come with them back into the Vault. When they emerge, they find a huge crowd and the familiar voice of First Sergeant Aaron Matthews himself showing up.



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