Vault Layout

Vault 45 is split into three levels. Below is the general overview of what a dweller can find in each of the levels.

Level 1 – Living Quarters

The uppermost level is a very structures area. Here you can find the following:

Vault Entrance/Reception Area:
The giant vault doors with the emblazoned “45” on it have remained shut since they first opened. As far as any of the dwellers know, there has never been a serious suggestion to open it, and that is due simply to the lack of a need. Despite this, the area immediately around the door is heavily guarded at all times. There are rooms connected in the vicinity that are observation/security rooms, which are also always guarded.

Common Area:
Past the entrance is a large common area that offers a wide, open space for socialization. Here can be found a few pool tables, tables, chairs, couches, and other appliances of leisure. In a nearby room is a vast library, filled with texts from the old world. There is a plaque here, saying that the books were donated by something called “Quad City Arts,” founded 1970.

Residential Quarters:
The vault houses several hundred people, averaging anywhere from 200-300 during the lifespan of the Vault. Accordingly, there is a fairly large residential quarters area that takes up much of the level. The expectation is that residents not live alone in a quarters for practicality reasons. Normally, people are grouped to live with their families, and they are given the largest of the different residential models. On the rarer occasion of someone being without a family, they are either forced to be housed with someone or in rare instances given their own, much smaller room.

There are a modest number of shops that offer supplies in exchange for the paper currency used within the vault. Those that work are given compensation, and even though it seems strange due to the lack of things to actually buy, there are options for the occasional fun purchase.

Level 2 – Science/Technology & Authority/Security

The middle level is mostly used for scientific research as well as is the home for the Overseer and the security team.

Science & Research Facilities:
There are a vast number of scientific labs on this floor. They are located on the fringes of the level, outside of a more general open area. These labs are used by medical staff and scientific and robotic researchers. Much of the work developing new agricultural strategies are done here. These labs are strictly off limits to anyone without proper access.

John Deere Memorial Museum:
When dwellers come down from the upper level, they are met with a common area that also serves as a museum for the history of the farming company and its founder.

Security Offices and Training Facilities:
There is a large training facility for the guards, filled with equipment originally supplied by The Rock Island Arsenal. There are also storage rooms with armaments. Any guard has access to some of these areas, but there are areas here that are off limits even to those that serve as protection for the vault.

Overseer’s Quarters & Meeting Rooms:
The Overseer and Underseer reside in this area, tucked away beyond the security section.

Level 3 – Biodome

The majority of this floor is dedicated to the giant, self-sustaining biodome. The biodome is not only a place for vegetables, but there is also a number of livestock down there. The only other aspect of this level is the rooms of energy generators and storage areas for the produce.

Vault Layout

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