Rad Roaches

People always said that if anything could survive a nuclear war, it would be roaches. Well, those living within Vault 45 know just how hearty those once little things can be. Thanks to the constant atomic radiation, the once gross annoyances have become a real threat to those living underground.

Rad Roaches are irradiated, giant versions with sizes varying from house cats to some being even more larger. They aren’t very aggressive unless provoked, but they are known for devouring stores of food and chewing through cables and other things.


Rad Roach Stats

Level: 1 Health: 3 Armor: 1 Damage: 1 Movement: Short


Irradiated Rad Roach Stats

Level: 2 Health: 6 Armor: 1 Damage: 2 + 1 rad Movement: Short

Rad Roaches

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