A common misconception concerning ghouls is that they are basically zombies out of a Romero film. Unlike the Walking Dead variety of shambling monsters, ghouls are actually humans that have suffered prolonged exposure to radiation. The constant bombardment took its toll on their bodies and their minds, causing high levels of deterioration.

Ghouls do in fact look like fictional zombies. Their faces are often wasted away and missing some humanoid features. Their bodies are gangly, and the level of rot may lead to a certain unpleasant odor.

Not all ghouls are mindless zombies, however. Despite the heavy exposure to radiation, many ghouls still maintain their human mental functions. Unfortunately, many non-ghouls see them as nothing more than a potential timebomb ready to devour the brains of anyone around them.


Ghoul Stats:
Note: Ghouls are more of a playable race rather than a set of hard-set stats. These stats are general and may not be representative of all ghouls.

Level: 3 Health: 9 Armor: Varies by worn armor
Damage: Varies by weapon Movement: Short
Special: Heal from radiation damage.


Feral Ghoul Stats:

Level: 4 Health: 12 Damage: 5 + Paralysis (Might check)
Armor: 0 Movement: Short Special: Heal from radiation damage.


Glowing One Stats:

Level: 5 Health: 15 Damage: 5 + 3 rad
Armor: 0 Movement: Short Special: Heal from radiation damage.


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