Jobe Buchanan

Vault 45 Security Guard


Jobe is about 6’1 and pretty broad-shouldered. Dark hair and mustache, but he’s getting hit by early male-pattern baldness. He used to catch some ribbing from the other guards, but didn’t really seem to care about it much.

He has a “pet” baby Mole Rat named Muffin. The thing is about half-grown and weighs around 30 pounds.

He wanders the Waste wearing his old, ill-fitting Vault Security uniform and armor, and wielding his security baton and 10mm pistol. He seems to prefer his carving knife over his security baton, though.


Jobe is kinda stoic, quiet and pretty chill. He doesn’t seem to get rattled easy. He’s good at his job, but he seems rather bored by it. He tends to hang out in the kitchen, and likes to cook. It turns out that he makes a pretty good Mutant Dog steak.

He lived with his mother, Rosemary Buchanan. She may or may not be dead now.

Jobe Buchanan

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