Fallout: Arsenal

Episode #1: Mysteries of Vault 45

Life in Vault 45 hasn’t been too bad, all things considered. I mean, the 300-some vault dwellers could have been above ground when the bombs fell in 2077.

It’s now 2292, and there have been several generations of people living in the vault. Among them are the uncharacteristic protagonists of this tale.

Among this group is a cagey reporter named Masa Lin. He works for the Vault Overseer Alanna Ford, but behind the scenes he’s working on exposing the truths within the vault, no matter how grand or small.

Jobe Buchanan is your typical Vault-Tec guard. He patrols where he’s told. He puts in his daily hours of training. Then he goes home to live with his mother, Rosemary Buchanan, and live a quiet life.

Another soldier, a not-so-typical guard named Rick Foley, is the result of an experiment gone wrong. He was experimented on as part of an FEV experiment that went wrong. Thankfully, the serum did not turn him into a Super Mutant, but he is much more enhanced than the average soldier. He serves as one of the more able bodies of First Sergeant Aaron Matthews.

We begin with Masa Lin receiving a large number of rumors on his personal terminal. They included…

  • A rash of strange sicknesses as of late, ranging from dehydration to abdominal pains.
  • A sit-in concerning a lack in workers’ yearly wages. The wages aren’t going up it seems due to the use of more robots to do human work.
  • A crazier resident claims to have seen a mole rat sneaking around the duct work and stealing his food rations.
  • One of the sick citizens overheard someone talking about a “supply run,” which is something foreign given the vault has never been opened since The Great War.

Aside from those rumors, everyone receives the following two messages:

  • There is a meeting to be held tonight, and everyone must attend. It concerns the occupancy of the Vault and needed regulations.
  • In a week, the vault will be celebrating the 20 year anniversary for the current Overseer Alanna Ford.

The players all meet at a judo class taught by Masa. The lesson goes overly well for Jobe, who unexpectedly out-performs the jacked up Rick.

After their lesson, Rick and Jobe report for duty for the big announcement. Masa decides this is the best chance he has to sneak into his aunt Michiko Lin’soffice down in the medical wing and see about the rumors of the sicknesses.

During the vault meeting, Underseer Michael Lawson is forced to deliver bad news to the angry crowd of vault dwellers. The capacity of the Vault, which stands at 350, has been exceeded. A new law is laid down stating that there is to be a stop to births. Obviously this makes the crowd a bit unruly, and there is a moment where First Sergeant Aaron Matthews intimidates the crowd into quieting.

After the meeting, Rick follows a group of protesters, led by a woman with a “I want to see the manager haircut” Claire Barnes, and he manages to cool down the situation before they can plan anything drastic. He also checks in with R.J. Dios, a trusted superior in the guard. He talks about how First Sergeant Aaron Matthews acted and wanted to make sure the people stay safe.

Meanwhile, Masa is sneaking through the duct work and gets distracted by a strange noise. He snaps a photo of…a mole rat?! Intrigued, he follows the gross bugger and almost ends up tumbling to his death when the tunnel comes to an end. Here he hears a terrible squealing sound. Unable to see, he takes a picture, and the photo shows hundreds of shining red eyes.

When he backs away, he accidentally loses his way and crashes through the duct work into the medical area where he wanted to be. Here he’s helped up by Michiko Lin, who reprimands him for his foolishness.

Jobe realizes that Masa was not at the mandatory meeting, so he decides to head to his room. He manages to break into his living quarters, and he finds a secret room filled with different articles and photographs. Jobe begins digging around for something, but he does not seem to find what he’s looking for.

And that’s where the story ends…for now.



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